Peanut Hangtag
Peanut Hangtag
Peanut Hangtag
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One in a Million by Klaus Bock:

"These are original photographs I find at various places. I intuitively pick them out of heaps of images – captured memories of people unknown to me – that are designated to be thrown away. The very few photographs I choose stand out aesthetically and together form a visual distillate of former times. I honor each of these items by placing them in carefully selected pre-owned frames and by passing them on to you."

EllGee was founded in 2016 by Berlin based illustrator Lilli Gärtner. We sell fine stationery goods online and to selected stationery shops worldwide.

EllGee stands for paper products with motivs, that can be used for many occasions. We don't add messages of our own, because we believe in the power of images and that our customers should have plenty of space to add their own thoughts. We offer greeting cards, hangtags and art prints in high quality, all printed locally in Berlin and hand finished and packed with great care.